The Fairytale Solution for Romance


Are you sick of being surrounded by happy couples? What makes them so special? What are you missing? If you’re waiting for romance but can’t seem to find the right man, then it’s time to try something new! Start your fairytale romance right now by following these simple steps:


First, you’ve probably heard the saying that every woman has the love life they think they deserve, and there is some truth to that. If you want a deep and passionate love then you need to visualize creating that kind of connection in your life. You need to recognize yourself as worthy of someone’s passion and affection, and you need to realize that any man would be blessed to have you in their life. You can bring the passion into your life yourself by incorporating your own love into all the little things you do every day. When you put that kind of positive, romantic energy out into the world, it’s bound to come back to you. You will start attracting men that are not only willing to give you their love, but they will also be worthy of yours.


Once you visualize and start living a more passionate life, you’ll find yourself attracting the kind of men you want to be in a relationship with. But how do you know they want a relationship too? You can always ask, but sometimes words are too tedious or the conversation can be too awkward and anxious. Most men are not communicative when it comes to their feelings. He may think it’s emasculating, or he simply cannot find the words to voice his insecurities. Don’t try and pry them out of him because he’ll most likely get angry and defensive. Instead, focus on the things he’s not saying. Pay attention to body language and the way he acts when he’s around you. If he’s finding excuses to text you throughout the day or fidgets nervously when you’re together, you can rest assured that he’s definitely interested. Maybe he finds subtle ways to touch you, like a soft touch on your knee or gently playing with your hair. These are all signs that he’s interested and wants to pursue more with you.


If you get to the point where you’re wondering what exactly he wants out of this relationship, remind yourself of this simple trick: Men love to be needed. Every man has a natural instinct to provide for the people they care about. Regardless of how long you two have been dating, you need to remind your man that you need him. As the woman he cares about, you need to SHOW him how much you need him. Ask for help or advice with even the simplest things. Doing something as easy as this shows your man that you respect and value his opinion. Even the most independent women can ask for help sometimes, and your man will want nothing more than to help you.


Now, you can’t necessarily read a man’s mind, but with these techniques you can tap into his subconscious by paying closing attention to his body language. If your man gets quiet or grows distant, there’s no reason to immediately assume the worst. He may not want to talk about what’s bothering him right away, but you’ve already gotten so good at reading his body language at this point that he won’t need to speak. You’ll already know how to react. Remind him what he means to you with a few simple texts or gestures of affection, and then give him the space he needs. Don’t give him the cold shoulder, but do respect his space, and watch him slowly open up for you. When you read his body he’ll think you’re reading his mind, and he won’t be able to resist you!


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