It’s Time To Get Out of the Friendzone!

Just think about it… The moment when he finally sees you as more than a friend… It’s time to get out of the friendzone and into the arms of the man of your dreams! You can’t make someone have feelings for you out of the thin air, but you can alter the way the two of you interact together. Changing his perspective will convince him to see you in a new, rosier light. Use this trick now before another woman steps up and takes your place!


The trick to standing out from the crowd and getting the man of your dreams to obsess over you is to play into his ego. All men have a hero complex. They strive to achieve and succeed, and one of the easiest ways for men to do this is to have a successful, romantic relationship. You can be the better half of that relationship when you channel your man’s heroic energy into you. Play into his strengths and don’t be afraid to act the part of the damsel in distress when you want to catch his attention. Next time you need a little help from someone, immediately go to him first. Tell him that you came to him specifically. If he sees you as a friend right now it’s only because you’ve proven that you don’t necessarily need his masculine energy. Reverse his train of thought by seizing every opportunity you have to show him you need a man, and not just any man, you want HIM.


Do the two of you work together? Romance doesn’t have to suffer for the sake of professionalism. There are subtle ways to catch his attention and get him thinking of you even after you’ve already returned to your cubicle. Send him some silly messages through your work email or messenger to brighten his day, and when you do visit him at his desk or even his office, make sure you find an excuse to touch him gently. Even if you just rest a hand on his shoulder, squeeze his fingers into yours, or (if you’re brave enough) tuck some hair behind his ears, these subtle moves will get him thinking about your motives and what you’re interested in.


You can play into your man’s natural hero instincts with these gestures too. By touching him ever so gently you are giving him the signal that you are interested. Whether he consciously picks up on this signal or not, unconsciously his head and heart will be reeling. He’ll be wondering about your motives, and you can watch as this quiet obsession starts to manifest into a game of chase. As a hero, a man wants to prove himself. And in order to prove himself, a man needs a challenge. You can give him that challenge by throwing subtle romantic gestures his way to get him thinking. A soft touch, a dirty joke, maybe even you build up enough courage to ask him out on a date – all of these things will get his heart racing and the hero inside of him will become obsessed with winning you over!


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